Letter from Magnet’s Executive Director


By now, the spread of COVID-19 is having an impact on our work, families, businesses, and communities. Magnet has always focused on supporting our partners, job seekers, and employers across Canada by finding ways to help regions and communities collaborate to solve labour market challenges.


In these challenging times, Magnet will continue to support all of our users across Canada by:

  1. Curating a daily list of COVID-19 responses and resources for businesses and job seekers which can be found at our new website.
  2. As always, businesses can create free Magnet accounts to post employment opportunities and  access targeted content based on their organizational profile. This will now include information and links to COVID-19 related responses and economic support programs.
  3. As always, job seekers can sign up for an account to receive targeted employment opportunities and content on relevant support programs.
  4. Magnet will host a regular live webcast featuring experts discussing topics relevant to community organizations, companies, and job seekers. For information and announcements about upcoming live webcasts, keep an eye on our social channels.
  5. Stay tuned! In early April, Magnet will launch an online community of practice to allow experts across the country to connect, communicate and share best practices for addressing challenges in employment, training, workforce development, and economic recovery.

As this situation evolves, so will Magnet’s activities. Our goal during this difficult period is to be useful, add value and leverage the rich expertise, information and knowledge within our network

We firmly believe that when we emerge from this situation, which we will, that we will all be living and working in a different way. Our ability to come together digitally across sectors, regions and disciplines will become one of our nation’s strengths during the coming period of economic recovery.

Our thoughts are with all the members of the Magnet Community from across Canada.

Stay safe,


Mark Patterson's headshot

Mark Patterson

Executive Director