ALiGN - Connected by OTEC

Developed by OTEC and powered by Magnet, ALiGN is a unique way of creating matches between job seekers and employers who are looking for talent. Rather than relying on skills and experience, ALiGN uses the personality attributes of individuals to match them to suitable roles. By assessing for aptitude and training for skill, ALiGN is transforming the way employers and candidates connect!

In Partnership with

Ted Rogers School of Management - Diversity Institute

How it works

Step 1

Employers evaluate the most desirable behavioural characteristics in target occupations, and work with OTEC to create ideal “candidate profiles.”

Step 2

Job seekers complete an online psychometric assessment to identify their personality traits and workstyle preferences.

Step 3

Magnet’s innovative technology measures job seekers against all candidate profiles in the system and invites them to apply to roles that match their job fit characteristics.

Step 4

Employers receive candidates with the knowledge that they are well suited for the job.

ALiGN for Vulnerable Newcomers

The Government of Canada and Magnet are working together to create new pathways to employment for newcomers. ALiGN brings together a network of community and industry partners across the country to use the ALiGN functionality to match eligible newcomers to a variety of entry level positions, without any previous experience required.

As a pilot project, this initiative also aims to evaluate the effectiveness of the ALiGN model as well as gather feedback on how large employment service providers adopt new technology and manage change within their organizations.

Funded by: Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada

ALiGN for Employment and Equity Inclusion

Employment and Social Development Canada is working with Magnet and the Diversity Institute at Ryerson University to help advance diversity and inclusion outcomes for employers across Canada.

This project is focused on broadening the pool of qualified candidates from employment equity groups to work in financial services, telecommunications, and transportation. This project will further improve the understanding of the barriers to inclusion for job seekers who identify as Indigenous peoples; persons with disabilities; and women.

The ALiGN functionality will be used to help both job seekers and employers identify personality traits and workstyle preferences that support success in particular roles. By increasing the levels of diverse applicants, employers can cultivate a more diverse and inclusive organizational culture.

This initiative is a pilot project, and as such, aims to provide new insight on how employers can source talent with non-traditional education and experience.