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With a wealth of business growth content and opportunities being released daily, businesses need to cut through overwhelming amounts of information.

Magnet for Business Growth automatically alerts you to new resources, programs, funding, wage subsidies, and learning opportunities that match your business needs. 

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In collaboration with partners in government, industry, research, and post-secondary, Magnet collects, analyzes, and shares business growth knowledge, including grants, subsidies, training and hiring support, and insight into labour market trends.  

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All you have to do is create your free Magnet account and complete your profile, which tells us about your business and your goals. Magnet then uses our intelligent matching technology to match your business with real-time information and updates--that means opportunities find you!

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When Magnet and our partners share content, our intelligent matching technology filters content that’s relevant to you.

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Women’s Entrepreneurial Knowledge Hub

The Women Entrepreneurship Knowledge Hub (WEKH) shares research and resources on women entrepreneurs in Canada.

Future Skills Centre

The Future Skills Centre is a forward-thinking centre for research and collaboration dedicated to preparing Canadians for employment success. We believe Canadians should feel confident about the skills they have to succeed in a changing workforce.

The FSC will share information on innovative approaches to assessing and developing the skills Canadian workers and businesses need to thrive in an evolving labour market.

Magnet for COVID-19 Recovery

SMEs can stay up to date with new resources, policy changes, and programs to support business recovery and adaptation throughout COVID-19, including:

  • Tips and resources for managing and supporting employees during pandemic
  • Updates on business relief
  • Calls for suppliers
  • Initiatives to support “pivots” and transitions among businesses

Magnet for Large Employers

Receive information on LMI, new hiring tools, training programs, and industry research to inform business and workforce development initiatives.

Magnet for SMEs

Alerts businesses to wage subsidies, procurement opportunities, and policy developments to drive business growth.

Magnet for High Growth Industries

If you’re a start-up or “disruptor” type business, High Growth Industries is your source for information related to student hiring, technology and infrastructure grants, human and administrative resources, networking, and learning.

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Create your free account to receive real-time updates matching your business to growth opportunities, including:

  • Grants, wage subsidies, and recovery funding
  • Learning and networking opportunities
  • Updates on labour market research and trends
  • Trade missions and export funding
  • Resources to support your business in navigating COVID-19 and recovery

Your account plugs you into a series of content feeds within our system that automatically share relevant updates with you. You can update your profile at any time to customize the information you receive.

Welcome to the Magnet Business Portal

Create your free account to receive real-time updates matching your business to growth opportunities.

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