Talent Acquisition

Through Magnet’s innovative technology and collaborative network, we make it easier to find talent with the right skills and qualifications.

Our protected recruitment model promotes diversity and supports bias-free recruitment strategies.

Equity Friendly

Diversity and equity filters enable you to search candidates who have self-identified.

Connect for Free

There’s no cost to posting a job and connecting with great talent.

Develop a Top Talent Funnel

Stay connected with top candidates, while building talent funnels for medium to long-term needs.

Export Growth Portal

The Magnet Export Business Portal matches your company to the right opportunities.

This free platform is designed to match your business to relevant export events and opportunities based on their export-readiness, sector, location and goals.

Funded by the Ontario Ministry of International Trade, this next generation technology harnesses timely resources and services from EDC, BDC and Global Affairs Canada, and delivers them through email updates and a customizable dashboard.

By signing up, you’ll benefit in a number of ways:


Receive filtered and curated targeted information on support programs, funding and export resources.


Receive timely, up-to-date content straight to your inbox, and through a customized business dashboard.


This service is funded by the Ontario Ministry of International Trade, with content provided by EDC, BDC and Global Affairs Canada.

Benefits for Partners

You’re always looking for ways to empower your members’ success. The Magnet Business Portal can help. This free social innovation platform enables you to build a bridge to untapped export opportunities. You can easily track member engagement through sign-ins and real-time analytics.

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