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Magnet is committed to supporting small and medium sized businesses connect with business opportunities and access resources to understand and prepare for changes in Canada’s labour market.

Magnet Export Business Portal

Magnet’s matchmaking functionality goes beyond matching businesses and talent. Businesses can also get matched to funding opportunities, grants, subsidies, export events, trade missions, and growth resources based on their needs using the Magnet Export Business Portal.

Partner Content

Access Magnet content feeds from specialty communities and partners such as The Future Skills Centre, DiscoverAbility, Hire Immigrants, the Women’s Entrepreneurial Knowledge Hub, and Industry Partners. Magnet gives businesses of all sizes access to current research and best practices around diverse hiring, the future of work, and a changing labour market.

Learning Centre

Access up-to-date resources for business growth, exporting and talent acquisition from trusted Magnet partners. You can also upload your own learning content and resources to engage employees and partners.

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