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Find the right talent and reduce your costs. Magnet connects employers to subsidies for hiring students, diverse candidates, and more. Includes Magnet’s Student Work Placement Program, which offers employers who hire Canadian post-secondary students up to $7,000 in funding support.

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Magnet provides the platform for student recruitment for some of Canada’s largest employers. With one simple job posting, Outcome Campus Connect allows employers to connect with over 1 million student accounts from 85+ post-secondary schools across Canada.

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Magnet makes it easy to recruit new talent. Your job postings are shared with job seekers based on your pre-selected skills, qualifications, and competencies. Magnet’s in-system diversity filters can also direct your job posting to candidates who have identified as members of underrepresented groups.

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When you’re recruiting, use Magnet’s labour market information to narrow your focus, pick up on trends and identify insights.