Matching employers and students with the right experiential learning opportunities.

Orbis Communications and Magnet have partnered to create Canada’s largest experiential learning technology platform, to address some key barriers that prevent businesses from leveraging Canada’s wealth of diverse new talent. The platform’s Campus Connect functionality provided by Orbis Communications makes it easier for businesses to access the future skills needed to be competitive and grow Canada’s economy.

About the Platform

Canada’s largest work integrated learning recruitment and reporting platform connects Magnet’s network of industry partners with Orbis’ network of post-secondary schools providing more experiential learning and skills development opportunities for students and one-stop access for Canadian business to recruit talent.

The new national work integrated learning recruitment platform provides students improved transition from school to work ensuring that they can use their talents and skills to participate in learning, work and their communities.

Benefits for Employers

Employers can reach the right candidates at over 100 top universities and colleges, with ONE job posting:

  • As an employer, you don’t just need new talent, you need the right new talent
  • Campus Connect will connect you to students that match your experiential job opportunities
  • Connect with students in over 100 of Canada’s top universities and colleges, through integration with Orbis
  • Access a talent pool of over 1 million students on campus, with just one experiential job posting on Magnet
  • Direct your posting to specific schools, program, and regions

Create an account at campusconnect.magnet.today or email info@magnet.today for more information.

Benefits for Experiential Learning Staff

Campus Connect enables experiential staff to give students access to a wide range of work-learn opportunities:

  • Employers can connect to students in over 100 of Canada’s top universities and colleges with just one job posting
  • Thousands of participating large, medium and small businesses in every sector
  • Integrates into a searchable opportunity stream
  • Post-secondary students can continue to use their campus-based experiential learning offices to source work integrated learning opportunities, accessing new nation-wide work integrated learning network

Email info@orbiscommunications.com for more information.

How it works

Through Campus Connect, students can better access a wide range of work-learn opportunities from Magnet’s Work Learn Network, from thousands of participating Canadian businesses in every sector.


Through Campus Connect functionality, employers on the Magnet network connect to students in over 100 of Canada’s top universities and colleges with just one job posting


Students access job postings through a searchable stream of experiential learning job opportunities on Orbis from their school


Students are re-directed to apply to the opportunity on the employers’ Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

Platform Partners

Employment and Social Development Canada is pleased to support the collaboration of Magnet and Orbis to improve the facilitation of matching work integrated learning opportunities between employers and post-secondary institutions.

 This experiential learning technology platform is supported by a Magnet’s network of multi-sectoral partners

Funding provided by

Government of Canada

As part of the Student Work Placement Program, Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) supported the development of Campus Connect.