Magnet Communities of Practice

Magnet’s goal is to leverage our experience with digital community building and collaboration to create projects and initiatives to drive inclusive economic growth.

Through the Future Skills Centre (FSC), Magnet has launched its Community of Practice (COP), a collaborative network within the Magnet platform.

The COP combines content dissemination with collaboration, allowing you to customize the information you receive and connect with new partners to foster relationship building, knowledge sharing, content exchange, and thought leadership.

The COP also includes multi-lingual implementations and acts as a solution for stakeholders to work together across regions and sectors.

Knowledge sharing and best practices dialogue

Collaborator profile

Create a detailed professional profile highlighting areas of subject matter expertise, professional interest, location.

Knowledge sharing

Post your publications and complete the matching criteria

Get matched

Enabled by Magnet’s matching technology, you are matched to potential collaborators with aligned areas of interest and subject-matter expertise.

Engage your way

The Community of Practice will encourage collaboration and communication amongst members, using a variety of tools such as WhatsApp to moderate conversation and activity around content or themes.

Structured sharing

Community owners can post content through Magnet’s content feeds and within the collaboration channels.

Magnet Intelligence for Communities

Get the actionable insight you need for evidence-based decision making.