Magnet Intelligence

Canadian Labour Market Information

Magnet Intelligence facilitates evidence-based decision making at the local level, with a focus on directing the learning outcomes of students and tomorrow’s workforce.

Plan your career: For job seekers and workers, it’s the information to make informed employment, education and training decisions.

Build your workforce: For employers, it’s the key insights of where to make staffing, skills and business decisions to meet their current needs and advance their competitive edge.

Prepare for change: For policy makers, industry groups, education and training providers, it’s the intelligence necessary to make direct your resources to address future labour market needs.

Magnet is dedicated to addressing underemployment and unemployment in Canada by providing labour market information to inform evidence-based decision making around effective services, training, and workforce development strategies.

Magnet’s technology and network allows for the collection and incorporation of real-time data to understand skills gaps and opportunities in communities across Canada.

Custom research and insights

For organizations looking beyond what’s available for free, Magnet’s team works with clients such as regional economic developers, workforce planning organizations, local chambers of commerce, and municipalities to provide customized labour market information with insight into:

The industries that have excess workers, are hiring or experiencing a shortage of workers

The success and uptake of a program

In-demand jobs and skills across different industries and regions

Labour supply and demand across sectors

Education and skills required for specific jobs

As a recognized and trusted source for labour market information, Magnet is a go-to expert for reliable and comprehensive insight from job seekers, employers, businesses and partners to inform career paths, skills training, and program development.

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