Discover Ability is a free online portal and resource, powered by Magnet, that connects Ontario businesses directly to people with disabilities. The online portal connects employers directly with persons with disabilities seeking employment, and provides answers to any questions employers may have when hiring—and retaining—employees with disabilities.
Hire Immigrants provides businesses worldwide with the tools and resources they need to better recruit, retain and promote immigrants. Employers can find practices that fit their needs according to the size, sector and geographic location of their business. Hire Immigrants provides policy makers, researchers, and community activists with analysis and leading thinking from around the globe on immigrant employment and entrepreneurship.
The Magnet Export Business Portal is a powerful platform designed to match relevant and timely export events and opportunities to Canadian businesses of all sizes, based on their export-readiness, sector, location and goals
Shift to a skills-based matching model that will connect students to employers via their own post-secondary school portals through Magnet’s Campus Connect Integrated Network, in partnership with Orbis, linking over 500,000 employers looking to student job seekers.