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New graduates

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How it works

Step 1

Create your free Magnet account.

Step 2

Check your email and confirm.

Step 3

Log in to Magnet and complete your profile and get matched to jobs.

Step 4

To eliminate bias, your profile is hidden until you decide to share it with an employer.


Magnet offers all job seekers a free account and a range of tools to make your job search easy.

Make your match

Guided job search process

Magnet’s guided job search process takes you through the steps of building a profile to maximize your opportunities.

Private & secure profiles

Magnet keeps your personal information hidden until you decide to connect with an employer.

Skill-targeted job invites

Employers are looking for someone with your skills. When you customize your free Magnet profile, you’ll receive opportunities suited to you.

Grow your career

Learning center

The resources you need to make the most of your job search with Magnet.

Opportunity updates

Job seekers on Magnet receive updates based on what you’ve told us in your profile, meaning you’ll only receive messages that are relevant to you.

For diverse job seekers

Identify with Magnet

When you privately self-declare as a member of an underrepresented group, you can receive job opportunities from employers looking to increase diversity in their organization.

Access to special programs for job seekers

Who belong to an employment equity group may qualify for Magnet’s ALiGN tool to get job matches based on your personality.