Match your skills and goals to your next career opportunity.

Building careers through inclusive economic growth

Through our intelligent skills matching technology, Magnet helps job seekers of all ages and life stages connect to meaningful employment opportunities with over 20,000 employers.

Self-serve job seeker accounts are free-of-charge to Canadian job seekers.

How it works

Step 1

Create your free Magnet account.

Step 2

Check your email and confirm.

Step 3

Log in to Magnet and complete your first job search.

Step 4

Personalize your profile with your education, skills, and experience and more to get matched to new graduate job opportunities.

Your identity matters

When you create your free Magnet account, you’ll be asked to update your work experience be sure to customize each position you’ve held for industry, job duties, employer type.

You may also choose to privately and confidentially identify as a member of an employment equity group. You control your information. Your profile details are kept private until you connect with an employer.

Canadian employers are looking to make inclusive hires so Magnet helps make matches. To exclude bias, employers do not see your profile details until you decide to share.

To get the best matches, continue to personalize your job preference information to specific the opportunity level, functional area, and type of role you’re seeking.

Free self-serve account for Canadian job seekers

Personalized job invites

Open your horizon by receiving notifications for jobs that you’re qualified for, strictly based on your skills, experience, and expertise

Guided job search

Let us guide you through the steps of building a personalized profile and uploading your photo; an optimized Magnet profile gets the best matches

Private and secure

We eliminate bias by keeping your personal information hidden until you decide to connect with an employer

How do you identify?

Magnet offers job seekers the ability to self declare as a member of an employment equity group, giving you the opportunity to connect with employers who want to increase diversity within their organization.

Access special programs

As either a newcomer or a member of an employment equity group, you may qualify for programs like the ALiGN personality assessment, which adds a candidate’s character traits to job matching. Many employers recognize the importance of hiring for aptitude and then providing on-the-job training.