Employment Intermediaries

Community organizations, large non-profits, and governments use Magnet to manage their job seekers, employers, and affiliates.

Partnership Opportunities

Magnet works with partners to scale its mission to accelerate inclusive economic growth for all in Canada. Got an idea? Looking for inspiration?

Explore Partnership with Magnet

Magnet for employment service providers provides the backbone of your organization’s workflows. Access real-time labour market information for your community.

Corporate sponsorship

Consider aligning your brand with Magnet for recruiting, diversity and inclusion, inclusive economic growth for Canada, business growth, etc. If this sounds like an opportunity too good to pass up, give us a shout.

Industry alignment

If your organization’s goals align with the Magnet mandate to fuel inclusive economic growth for Canada, we should chat about how we might work together.


Magnet seeks to scale through partnership and add value to our users by partnering with complementary technology companies. If your technology could make Magnet better, we should chat.


Magnet is an important application for job seekers, employers, businesses looking for growth, community partners and more. Our platform offers targeted messaging opportunities and content placements. If you need to get your messages in front of our users, let’s chat.


Our own Magnet Intelligence teams offers a unique database of Canadian labour market information, and we’ve got our roots firmly planted in Ryerson University. If you’d like to chat about collaborating on research, please drop us a line.

Partner with Magnet

We are open to partnering to help us achieve our mission.