Amplifying available WIL opportunities for post-secondary students nation-wide

Magnet and Orbis are collaborating to create an integrated network that will streamline the posting process for employers looking to post work integrated learning opportunities for students nation-wide.

This strategic alliance will connect Magnet’s network of industry partners with Orbis’ network of post-secondary schools providing more WIL opportunities for students.

A single source technology solution for the management of all experiential learning at a University or College.

Outcome catalogues and records the entire student experience across the experiential spectrum at an institution and culminates with a powerful Student Experience Transcript that details a student’s competency and skill development.


Capture the entirety of the experiential spectrum available at your institution in a single searchable and filterable catalogue.
Campus stakeholders can search out information on work integrated learning projects, co-op and internship opportunities, co-curricular activities, research projects, certificate programs, events, appointments, and mentorship offerings.


Students and staff get valuable insights into experiences available based on student peer group involvement, alumni experiences, and institutional experience guides.
Our pathway module is designed to better inform and promote the wealth of opportunities available to students with the goal of engaging them in experiences that positively contribute to their education, while positioning them for success after graduation.


With a suite of modules that includes Experiential, Co-op and Internship, Co-Curricular and Career Education, the platform offers the functionality to operationalize all facets of the experiential spectrum.


Outcome’s tracking capacity doesn’t just capture student data it allows institutions full configuration control over all the variables they want to track.
This provides unique opportunities to gather insights around community impact, competency development, and student progress.
Collect all the data required to verify student participation in the experience, record faculty, industry and community partner involvement, and link the data back to academic programs.


A Student Experience Transcript recognizes the entirety of the student’s experience and provides them with a meaningful and efficient tool to help articulate the wealth of skill and competency development gained from participation in these programs.
With additional portfolio capabilities available, students can enhance their Student Experience Transcript with items such as a resume, samples of their work, and reflective pieces.
Employers get a trusted and verified source of information to better understand what the individuals’ experiences were and how they contributed to the skillset they are recruiting for.


With its unique data tagging structure, Outcome provides key insights into the experiential data collected at an institution and supports the ability to measure the impact of experiential programs on communities and stakeholders.
Visual dashboards provide an in-depth look at student and industry participation, recruitment practices, the location of experiences, and the types of experiences students are completing.
These dashboards further break down this information across a range of demographic data sets such as gender, year level, and program.

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