Tools And Resources For Stakeholders Assisting Syrian Refugees

Syrian Refugees: Understanding The Depth Of Highly Skilled Talent

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Cultural Considerations When Assisting Syrian Refugees

Understanding the structure of the educational system in Syria: the programs of study at the elementary and secondary levels, and how the grading system compares with Ontario.

Demographic characteristics of Syrian refugees (age, languages, literacy, ethnic groups, urbanization, religion, and access to education) and cultural considerations related to food and dietary restrictions, families, religion, health care, and employment.

Understanding how culture shapes behaviours, preferences, and expectations.

Role of refugee talent in Canadian businesses and how to prepare the workforce for welcoming refugees (creating a safe environment, reasonable accommodation measures, credential recognition, and language support, conducting a culturally sensitive interview, establishing effective mutual expectations and a buddy system).

A guide for GTA employers: Syrian refugees’ skills and educational background; practical tips and easy-to-use resources.

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Mental Health Cues And Referrals

Online and in-person training to enhance the capacity of front-line workers and immigrant and refugee serving agencies in Ontario to respond to the mental health and trauma needs of refugee clients.

Online training, webinars, and toolkits on building settlements and health service providers’ knowledge and skills regarding refugee mental health and promoting inter-sector collaboration.

Access to psychiatrists and social workers for advice on client/patient cases; psychiatric consultation and culturally sensitive interventions for newly arrived refugees with psychological issues or concerns.


Data And Resources On Syrian Arrivals

Highlights, key figures, and facts about the services available to Syrian refugees.


Media Coverage & Success Stories